• Wound Care Surgeons: a Product of Healthcare Reform

  • Posted on May 15, 2018
  • As a very important part of the healthcare system, Wound Care Surgeons (“WCS”) bills itself as the leading surgeon-based provider of wound management services anywhere. That is because WCS is willing to provide expert wound care services wherever the patient happens to be. By providing services in the home, they are able to save the patient time and eliminate many associated costs, such as transportation costs and admission fees, both of which can be very high, and even co-pays.

    This type of arrangement saves not just the patients, but also saves their primary care physician and their insurance provider. It cuts costs at every level, and that helps everyone. The professional medical practitioners at Wound Care Surgeons are very experienced and capable, and they can deliver advanced wound consult and G-tube replacement services, among many others. Their overall goal is to provide highly coordinated and very efficient delivery of services from doctors, physicians assistants and nurses, that is focused on the patients, especially those with multiple chronic co-morbid conditions.

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